Charity Project_ Pig Project

I am at moment doing some charity project but it is not yet an organization but I am working on it.

My project is buying the Rices or the pigs or chicken for the poor people. For just US$55, you can help a poor family raising a pig that they can make some money for their living. It is not so expensive to buy if they want to, but it is your charity to help Cambodian people who live under poverty.

If you are interested in doing this project, please feel free to ask me or we can discuss personally.

The benefit: we buy a pig for a family. They can raise it and have baby for the pig. After having baby, they can sell new babies or keep some for raising. This is a way that they can touch, feel, or count the money in a large amount either in US dollar or Cambodian Riel.

Good Morning All best Friends, my name is RaúlSon Rothaphum and Worked for Tour Operator or Acting Director for tourism industry of Angkor monuments in Siem Reap province,  Cambodia . We have worked for many years of our experiences. We are available for boths Tour guides in English and Spanish tour guides. I was born in Siem Reap a City of holy places since 1975. We are available for your booking us.  Siem Reap is my home town we have known all of your attraction places that you wish to visited.


I was used to be worked with the traditional of textile of garments which were produced from silk threads and natural dyeing of colors.

We are a family of Tour guides and transports such as Bicycles Tuk Tuk ( Motor bikes with trailers behind) Car with A/C , Mini Van with all drivers who have its licenses of driving in Cambodia. We bring you to see  the beautiful temples of Angkor.

I will provide you with very cold bottled of water as well as wet wipes to make your trip  more enjoyable! I hope all of you choose me to be your driver in Siem Reap Cambodia. see you soon.

* Name of Guides  Who speaks Spanish n English ***: 

Mr Alfonson ( Son Chanthoeun) Habla español y Inglés  

Mr  Kes  Tieng (español y Inglés) 

Mr Polo (habla español 

Mr Sopha ( habla español )

Mr Ho ( habla español )

Mr Phearoth (habla español )

Mr Kes Nai        Sólo inglés

 Email :

WhatsApp: +855 69 602 369 

WhatsApp: +855 12 965 210     


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